Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tying up loose ends


Today we made a lot of food for brunch and later I went to Fred's birthday party on the Terrace at Oasis and we all constructed a huge beer can pyramid.


Today I worked on my book project and Kirara moved out so she could live in a place with internet.


I've been working on my book project the last few days and I feel I may be close to finishing. Today we found out that the landlord is getting us internet installed and it will only cost us about 5-10 euro a month!


Still working on my project...


Didn't sleep last night and I had classes all day. I used my siesta time to finish my book and spent an hour at the post office making sure it made it home. I had to stand in line four times because they kept on coming up with reasons why they couldn't send it. Afterward, I had dinner with Kirara and my flatmate Fee-Eva. Now I sleep.


Book finished, no class for a week, life is good.


Today I Paige and I went to get tapas and ended up going to a rock climbing place. We also went to a "yogurt place" for ice cream then walked out of the city looking for another tapas place. After getting back we made plans to meet up and find the caves tomorrow.


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